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Golden Fork Award
Restaurants of Distinction

  In mid December it will be with great pleasure that we begin our presentation of the
Gourmet Diners Society of North America's

2016 Golden Fork Award Restaurants of Distinction.

During December and January this site will change on a daily basis as new award recipients are recognized. We invite you visit us often by bookmarking this site. Perhaps a restaurant in your vacinity will be among those receiving this prestigious award to restaurants that clearly stand out, far above their competition.

Most recipients share the honor of being the only national restaurant award recipients in their communities.

In choosing recipients, the Society serves to recognize restaurants that excel in their industry. Being lavish, with ornate surroundings and serving expensive food are not criteria. Rather, the Society's nomination committee focuses on a nominees consistent quality of food, service and hospitality. Each is considered vital to an enjoyable dining experience.

We invite you to tour our listings, by clicking on the states of interest below and treat yourself to a rewarding dining experience at a local award recipient. When traveling through an area where recipients are located, be sure to include recipient restaurants in your travel plans and if visiting a community near a recipient, rest assured the short drive to one of these Golden Fork Award restaurants will be well worth it.

Bon Appetite!

Present and past Golden Fork Award Recipients

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